Fairy Tail Zero TV Anime announced for January 2016

Fairy Tail Zero TV Anime announced

Besides the 52th volume of Fairy Tail manga, the first compiled volume of Fairy Tail Zero spin-off manga has also just been released on Tuesday, where both have announced that Fairy Tail Zero spin-off manga is getting a TV anime adaptation, and also noted that the staff will unveil more details on the official website of Fairy Tail in a later date.

TV Anime Visual

ANN translated the tagline in the visual above as follows: “The beginning of many things!! The adventure guided by magic and companions”.

In addition, Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine on the 51th issue revealed the main cast and the release date.

the upcoming TV anime will start airing in January 2016 and the main cast will include:

Ms. Mamiko Noto as Mavis
Mr. Katsuyuki Konishi as Yuri
Mr. Hiroshi Shirokuma as Warrod
Mr. Yoshihisa Kawahara as Precht
Mr. Akira Ishida as Zeref

The 52th issue of Shonen Jump magazine has revealed that the actress Kana Hanazawa will perform the voice of Zera character.

ANN has reported that Kodansha Comics company will publish Fairy Tail Zero manga in English in summer 2016 and describes the manga story as follows:

” Many years ago, Mavis Vermilion was a servant on Sirius Island, mistreated by a guild master and his daughter, Zera. But Mavis remained positive, because he always remember what her mother told him once, that fairies never visit people who cry about their problems. When the guild came under attack Mavis pulled Zera from the wreckage into the forest. Seven years later, the powerful wizards Warrod Sequen, Precht and Yuri Dreyer arrived on the island, searching a powerful jade gemstone. This journey would change the course of magical history…”


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