Kaido War Arc Revealed: One Piece Theory

Kaido War Arc Revealed

Kaido War Revealed “Battle of Beast Kings” (One Piece Theory Ch. 804+

Part 1: Arc Setup

We know that One Piece is about 70% completed, so Oda doesn’t have loads of time to spare to let the Strawhats fool around in the new world. Things have been going real slow, but I have a feeling that it’s about to get very real in the next arc.

Luffy stated he will take down “All” the Yonko. He only held up 3 fingers, though, so this can mean that Oda plans on having Luffy take down 3 Yonkou in the future.

Many people think Luffy isn’t ready to take on the Yonkou just yet. Some people are convinced he will need an SECOND-time skin to beat any of them. This is very wrong, however.

I may cover this in a later article in more detail, but a second timeskip would kill the momentum that Luffy has built up in the new world. He has already upset 2 Yonkos, and has to fight Blackbeard for the title of  pirates king at some point.

He doesn’t have time to set around and do pushups on an island for another two years. This isn’t DBZ.

You should know that Luffy has only shown about 50% of his current strength, on top of what he learns in future arcs, is more than enough to face a Yonko. He doesn’t need a second timeskip.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m putting Luffy on Whitebeard level or anything, I’m simply saying Luffy has the potential to beat a lower-level Yonko like Big Mom or Kaido. Blackbeard and Shanks are probably on a whole other level.

All of that aside, the most promising Yonko for Luffy to fight first is Kaido. Zou , which is a major base of Kaido, is about to start. We also know Kaido is FURIOUS about losing his artificial zoan supply, so it’s very easy to assume he will traget Luffy. Law also seems to want to traget Kaido first.

Many people are also convinced that Kidd will fight Kaido first. Howerver, Oda is well known for playing tricks on us. I believe Kidd will strike up a deal with Kaido to have him help them take down Shanks, Kaido must still have a grudge with Shanks for stopping him in Marineford , as well.

In the most recent chapter, it seems that Blackbeard and the Revolutionary army will be clashing soon, this likely means we will not see Blackbeard targetting Shanks any time soon. Kaido is Kidd’s best option for an ally at the moment.

Kaido was very lenient with letting Drake work under him, so I imagine Kaido will be fine with allying Kidd if he’s strong enough Kaido seems to value strength more than anything.

Hearing about this alliance against Shanks, Luffy may grow enraged at Kaido. In order to prevent another person close to him from dying, like Ace, he may set out to defeat Kaido First


Zou, being a pretty small island, probably won’t last very long as an independent arc. I see it as being a setup arc for whatever island Luffy will fight Kaido on. They might fight some of Kaido’s crew on Zou, learn about the elephant, then set off for Kaido himself.

It was mentioned in the most recent chapter that special weapons were being produced from special materials in mines. This could be metals Kaido mined on his winter island and traded for SMILE.

These materials might explain the mystery behind Wano’s elemental swords. But this would go against Kaido’s plan to take to take down Wano, right? Not necessarily.

The underground weapon trade was kept very secretive by Doffy. He may have traded this Ore to Wano behind Kaido’s back.

It’s also possible someone else produces it, or Kaido doesn’t care if Wano gets it, though. It is not super important either way.

Kaido may end up raiding Wano very soon. Since Wano is near Zou, this is a perfect area for Luffy and Kaido to fight. Since Luffy saves the kingdom being taken over by the evil pirates, it’s a great scenario to set up Luffy Vs Kaido.

Kaido may agree to help take down Shanks if Kidd proves his strength by helping take down Wano with him. If Luffy intercepts them, it could also set up a potential Kidd Vs Luffy fight.

Luffy has declared war on the world government already. So it wouldn’t suprise me if he declares war on Kaido out of pure anger. This would begin the chain of “Throne wars” Doflamingo referred to.

This is only the beginning, though…

Part 2: Kaido’s powers

Source: Deviantart

I believe that Kaido will be a Typhon, there are many points of evidence pointing to him having a Typhon Mythical Zoan fruit.

“But he looks like an Oni!”, “Well, why didn’t the marine throw him in the water when they captured him since he had a devil fruit?!”: These are all common replies but aren’t 100% right.

First off, the awesome Oni idea Rogerbase came up with is still correct in some ways. However, Kaido doesn’t have the Oni DEVIL FRUIT, he is a part of the Oni race.
I don’t think the idea is 100% wrong, but Zoan devil fruits don’t affect the way you look normally. Also, both Oars look exactly like Onis, too. They were said to be giants within thier “Race”, which is likely the same race Kaido is part of.

As for the second point, I don’t think a devil fruit would make a difference in drowning. They could still tie a super heavy anchor to him, and throw him in the water.

Since Devil Fruits only make you weak in water, it doesn’t make a huge difference between drowning with or without it.

But let me give you evidence for why he’s a Typhon. This should completely convince you.

In Greek mythology, the Typhon is the strongest creature. It is also the father of monsters and beasts. Sound familiar?

Kaido is the king of beasts and has given birth to many “beasts” via artificial zoan fruits.

In the stories of Typhon, there was a group of 3 sisters called the “Fates” or Moirai. They all control the threads of fate and see through one single eye.

Look these pictures:

Remind you of anyone? Doflamingo controls threads and strings. He is also considered blind in one eye. This means he sees through a single eye.

Still not convinced? This should do it, then.

The fates is also responsible for dealing the Typhon ephemeral fruits, which were supposed to give him strength, but instead weakened him. This is nearly identical to artificial zoan fruits, which are likely traps.

I think it’s obvious Oda has taken inspiration from this story. Also, Kaido looks like a typhon in many depictions, as well.

But what of Kaido’s crew? We haven’t really seen any of his high ranked members. But I believe they will be mythical zoan users. Drake, for example, is a rare zoan user, and was accepted by Kaido. Maybe Kaido’s other exectives will be rare zoan.

The typhon, being the father of most mythical creatures, will have a connection to Kaido in this case as well. Many muthical creatures worker under the Typhon, too. But how did Kaido get so many mythical zoan users?

Much like with Drake, Kaido may have gone out recruiting mythical zoan users into his crew. It’s also possible he bought mythical zoan fruits and gave them to crewmates. Doflamingo easily acquired the mera mera, so this is hardly a big deal.

Now, as for what Kaido’s powers will be, I think the typhon’s powers will be very interesting.

The typhon is extremely durable and strong, being able to survive many dangers. This durability is reflected by Kaido’s ability to survive the fall from sky island.

The typhon is able to create serpents on any part of its body, as well. Kaido’s arms and even hair can transform into dragon heads or snakes. His hair looks wild enough for it to happen.

What about his awakening, though? Well, I will cover zoan awakenings in detail in a future article, but I”m very sure Kaido is fully awakened if he has a fruit power.

Kaido might have steps to his awakening, much like how i think Luffy will. The fight between Luffy and Kaido will be who has the stronger awakening/haki.

Part 3: Luffy Vs Kaido.

I believe that Luffy is represented by Sun Wukong. This will be his “Color of God”. Mixed with gear 5th, which is skin density, he will become insanely strong and durable.

These abilities might be taught to him in Wano, where Scopper Gaban, one of Roger’s past crewmates is thought to be. This will put him at low-yonko level, but with a time limit and toll on his mind/body.

Gear 4th has a time limit of 20 minutes, so this may only last a minute or so before he passes out from mental fatigue. Unlike his previous gears, this may affect his mind, since awakenings and haki seem to be mind and spirit based.

Many people think Luffy will get help from allies against Kaido. But I think it will mostly be 1v1. Otherwise, if Luffy wins, it won’t be a legitimate victory, and he will become a Yonko without actually having real strength to back the title up.

Since Sun Wukong is the king of animals, and the typhon is the king of beasts, it will be a fight between who will be the true king. When Luffy wins, he will be able to become a Yonko to protect fishman island.

However, this may spike conflict with Big Mom, leading to the war between them.

Aside from Luffy, I believe the strawhat fleet will play a huge role in this arc as well. The main strawhats may fight the executives while Luffy’s fleet fights Kaido zoan army.

This will be Luffy’s first real step in the new world towards being pirate king. He can’t mess around anymore with weaklings like Hody and Caesar.

The strawhats will also show their 100% strength, which will likely be a lot more than people expect. 2 years is a long time in the one piece world.


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