“MOB PSYCHO 100” TV Anime Announced for 2016 Release

Anime Announced

A new TV anime adaptation for Mob Psycho 100 manga has been recently announced on the web Ura Sunday comic magazine. The anime series is in the works and scheduled for release in the next year.

Additionally, the announcement unveiled that Studio BONES will take over the production of this upcoming series.

This anticipated anime is certainly going to be great, especially when you know that ONE is the author of Mob Psycho 100 manga who is well-known by his other manga that has brought you “One Punch man” anime series which is currently airing.


The story is about a boy with psychic powers called Mob, who will explode if his capacity of emotions reaches 100%. He took that nickname because he is timid when he is among other people, but that is not a problem for him as long as he can live a normal life. But if he loses control on his emotions and his emotional capacity reaches the level 100%, something horrible is going to overwhelm his whole body.


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