New Tiger Mask TV anime announced

New Tiger Mask TV anime

According to an announcement of The New Japan Pro-Wrestling organisation’s owner Takaaki Kidani, a new upcoming TV anime adapted from Tiger Mask is now in production and it will be released soon.

In addition, The characters in this upcoming series will be based on real wrestlers in the organisation and the anime is slated to air worldwide.

ANN depicts the story as follows:

“Tiger Mask” is the of the character Naoto Date, a pro wrestler who faces an evil wrestling organisation and fights for children in an orphanage.

The original manga was published from 1968 to 1971 on shonen Jump magazine and other Japanese magazines. Tiger Mask manga along with Keugen Nu Chi manga are the most successful works of the author Ike Kajioary.

The manga has previously got two TV anime adapations, one aired in 1969-1971, and the other series in 1981-1982.

1969 series reached 31.9% as its highest rating and even it inspired some real wrestlers to compete under The Tiger Mask name.

The Tiger Mask manga has become one of the most popular topics in the national news in Japan during the last years after a child guidance center received backpacks of donations from an anonymous, that sparked a charitable movement called the “Tiger-Mask” to spread in all Japan.


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