“One Piece: Adventure of Nevlandia” TV Special’s 1st Trailer Released

Finally the first trailer of “One Piece: Adventure of Nevlandia” TV anime special has been released and aired on Fuji TV yesterday, and it’s now available on ChibiJFZ youtube channel which you can watch below:

Both the official website of the Japanese singer Namie Amuro and the website Comic Natalie for anime & manga news have previously revealed that the 38-year-old singer Namie Amuro will perform the theme song titled “Black Me Up” for the upcoming anime special.

As a reminder, the ” One Piece: Adventure of Nevlandia ” TV anime special will premiere on Sunday, December 19 on Fuji TV.

ANN previously described the story of the TV anime special as follows:

The story is set on the fog island “devil fruit power user preventing island” in the new world, that make devil fruit users are not able to use their powers. The crew meet again and re-fight the Foxy Pirates with the Davy Back Fight. The Foxy Pirate Crew now have 3 new members include: Dojack, Kanshō and  Kōmei. This last is considered one of a family of genius tacticians.

Komei set a plan where Zoro and Sanji take part in an eating competition, They eat strange mushroom called “good for nothing only”, this turns them into good men for nothing, then they are detained in a prison cell. When the rest of the straw hat pirates are trying to catch up with the imprisoned crew, they descend on the island of Nevlandia where a strange fog appears due to sea water which has the same effects of seastone.


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