“One Piece Film Gold” Feature Film’s Trailer Released

A first 40-second trailer has been streamed on the official website of the upcoming feature film “One Piece Film Gold” as you can watch in below:

As revealed earlier, One Piece Gold Film is slated to air on July 23, 2016 in Japan.

Also,the weekly Shonen Jump magazine has previously revealed on its second 2016 issue a character design of an obscure man who probably would be a villain along side with another character design named “Kintaro Luffy”.

The main staff will include the author Eiichiro Oda who will serve as executive producer, Hiroaki Miyamoto who worked as assistant director on “Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island” will debut as director of this upcoming feature film, Tsutomu Kuroiwa will take over the screenplays.

The main cast:

Mayumi Tanaka as: Luffy
Akemi Okamura as: Nami
Kazuya Nakai as: Zoro
Hiroaki Hirata as: Sanji
Kappei Yamaguchi as: Usopp
Kazuki Yao as: Franky
Ikue Otani as: Chopper
Cho as: Brook
Yuriko Yamaguchi as: Nico


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