Super Lovers Boys-Love TV Anime To Premiere In April 2016

Super Lovers Boys-Love TV Anime

Also a visual and the main cast for Super Lovers Boys-Love TV Anime have been revealed:

According to ANN, The official website of Super Lovers Boys-Love anime has unveiled last Friday the main cast and a teaser visual ( see the image above) for this upcoming series as well as the release date.

The anime adaptation for Super Lovers Boys-Love manga is slated to premiere sometime in april 2015.

In addition, ANN has reported that the twitter account for the upcoming anime has revealed the same details.

The main cast:

Tomoaki Maeno will be voicing the character of the oldest brother, Haru Kaidō.
Junko Minagawa will be voicing the character of the youngest brother, Ren Kaidō.
Takuma Terashima will be voicing the younger brother of the twin, Shima Kaidō.
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will be voicing the older brother of the twin, Aki Kaidō.
Ayumu Murase will be voicing Ikuyoshi Sasaki character, the previous Haru’s co-worker.
Jun Fukushima will be voicing Ren’s friend and schoolmate, Jūzen Kurosaki.

The story revolves around Haru, a highschool boy who lives with his mother overseas. His mother asks him to take care of his adopted brother “Ren”, a naughty young boy who dislike to talk to others. Although their relationship is tense and adversarial at first, but as more they grow, they become closer to understand each others.


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