One Piece: The Supernova and Yonko Fight Theory

Yonko Fight Theory

First of all, here is the list of supernovas: Monkey D. Luffy • Roronoa Zoro • Capone Bege • Jewelry Bonney • Basil Hawkins • Scratchmen Apoo • Eustass Kid • X Drake • Urouge • Killer • Trafalgar Law • Marshall D. Teach.

First to understand this theory we must understand that the New world is ruled by the four emperors(Yonko) and to survive there you have only two ways, either be their subordinates or defeat them.

Now we have Kidd Eustass alliance( kidd, Apoo, Hawkins and Killer) and they planned to take on the Red hair pirate. Second we had Luffy-Law( including zoro)alliance and they have planned to take Kaido. Marshall D Teach has already took the position of Yonko after the death of white beard Edward Newgate.

Bege has seen working for Big Mom which means that he has be taken as a subordinate.This leaves 3 other supernovas without any alliance.

Now we know that Kidd Sid sink 3 ships of BM Pirates and he stated that his target is red hair Shanks. If he wanted to take on shanks then why did he sink BM’s ship? Maybe he did it on a whim or maybe he initially wanted to take on BM but after learning that shanks stooped Kaido from interfering with WB war at Marineford, he thought Kaido will hold a grudge against shanks and it will be easier for him to take on shanks as Kaido their alley.

On the other hand Luffy-Law alliance is planning to take on Kaido but Luffy has also upset BM and she had stated that she will go after Luffy. But but but …. There is a catch, do you guys remember Lola said that her mom is a famous Pirate in new world? I think she was talking about Big Mom and if that is true then BM is likely to be allied with Luffy and when the Kidd alliance will make his move on shanks with Kaido, Luffy will drop in to help shanks and big mom to his aid.

If that happens then it is for sure that BlackBeard will also make his move as I believe the the 4 emperors hold key to the final sea(Raftel) in the grand line.

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