Top 10 Anime Feature Movies 2016

Anime Feature Movies 2016

Are you anime and manga fans and you’re looking forward to know the best upcoming anime feature movies of the year 2016? Don’t look any further you are in the right place, here is my list of Top 10 anticipated upcoming anime movies of 2016 (no order).

10 – Eiga Precure All Stars: Minna de Utau Kiseki no Mahō!


Eiga Precure All Stars: Minna de Utau Kiseki no Mahō!

Genres: Comedy, Action, Magic, Fantasy, Shoujo, Music
Release time: Mar 19, 2016
Duration: 2hours

Mirai and Rico come to the human world to play, but are separated when the witch Sorciere and her servant Torauuma suddenly appear. Their aim is to acquire the tears of the 44 Precure girls, using them for her “Most Evil Magic.” Only the friendship of all 44 Precure girls will allow them to protect the world. ( Source: MyAnimeList)

9 – PriPara Minna no Akogare Let’s Go PriPari

Genres: School, Slice of life, Music, Shoujo, Music
Release time: March 12, 2016.
Duration: ??

The story begins when the protagonist Laala Manaka receives an SOS from Falulu Bokerdole in PriPari in France, the sacred place for the PriPara idols. Laala then learns that the whole PriPara world will soon disappear because PriPari has started losing its “KiraKira” power. To save the place and Falulu, the PriPara idols have to perform at the stages around the world. ( Source: Crunchyroll)

8 – Digimon Adventure tri. Ketsui


Digimon Adventure tri. Ketsui

Genres: Action, Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Release time: March 12, 2016.
Duration: 1h. 15 min.

Time has passed since Alphamon appeared, and restoration work has moved ahead little by little in the town of Odaiba.

“I had decided once I got back to Japan, I’d be sure to take a dip in a big bath!” shouts Mimi. Because of that and a desire to make their new members Meiko Mochizuki and Meicoomon feel welcome, the DigiDestined go to a nearby hot springs theme park. Everyone has a good time, but Joe doesn’t show up.

Joe feels caught between the imminent reality of college entrance exams, and his responsibilities as a DigiDestined.
“Why do we have to do this again?”

Just then, another infected Digimon appears in Odaiba. It’s that proud virus type, Ogremon… As a TV station helicopter relays a broadcast of his rampage, Mimi and Palmon spring into action.
“We’ll show people that there are good Digimon, too!”

Mimi and Palmon ignore Koushirou’s attempts to hold them back, however, and their battle brings about unforeseen consequences…

Joe and Mimi each have their own troubles. Then on the day of Tsukishima General High School’s festival, that man appears before them…

The adventure now evolves once again… (Source: Official website)

7 – Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkō Iinkai


Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkō Iinkai

Genres: School, Romance
Release time: April 23, 2016.
Duration: ??.

Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai: Renai Series (music and animation series featuring seiyuus) created by HoneyWorks getting an animated movie to premiere Spring 2016. (Source: MyAnimeList)

6 –  Ajin: Demi-Human


Ajin: Demi-Human

Genres: Horror, Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural, Seinen
Release time: May 6, 2016.
Duration: ??.

For high schooler Kei—and for at least forty-six others—immortality comes as the nastiest surprise ever. Sadly for Kei, such a feat doesn’t make him a superhero. In the eyes of both the general public and governments, he’s a rare specimen who needs to be hunted down and handed over to scientists to be experimented on for life—a demi-human who must die a thousand deaths for the benefit of humanity. ( Source: Vertical)

5 – Accel World: Infinite Burst


Accel World: Infinite Burst

Genres: Action, Romance, Game, Sci-Fi, School, Shounen
Release time: July 23, 2016.
Duration: ??.

In 2046, many aspects of life are carried out on a virtual network. No matter how advanced the time becomes, however, bullying never disappears. Haruyuki is one of the bullied students. However, one day he is contacted by Kuroyukihime, the most famous person in the school. “Wouldn’t you like to ‘accelerate’ and go further ahead, boy?” Haruyuki is introduced to the “Accel World” and decides to fight as Kuroyukihime’s knight. (Source: Official site)

4 – Garo: Divine Flame


Garo: Divine Flame

Genres: Action, Demons, Magic, Fantasy, Supernatural
Release time: May 2016.
Duration: ??
Plot: ??

3 – Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare


Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare

Genres: Action, Police, Mystery, Shounen
Release time: April 16, 2016.
Duration: ??

On a dark night, the Japanese police is raided by a spy and different countries’ intelligence agencies’ secret files are going to be taken, but public safety officers led by Tooru Amuro arrive just in time. The spy steals a car and escapes but is thwarted by FBI agent Shuichi Akai’s rifle bullet and falls off the roadway. The next day, Conan and his friends go to an aquarium in Tokyo and find an attractive woman alone and injured. Her left and right eyes are different colors and she suffers from amnesia. Conan and his friends promise to help her regain her memory, so they stay with her. Throughout all this, Vermouth is watching behind the scenes. Afterward, she pulls out a silencer and speaks into an attached intercom, “It’s as planned, Gin.” (Source: ANN)

2 – Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions


Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions


Genres: Shounen, Game, Adventure.
Release time: April 23, 2016.
Duration: ??

In the past, Yuugi Yami and Kaiba have clashed many times!! Yuugi Yami, who resides in Yuugi Mutou’s body, and Kaiba will have a duel that bets their prides and accepts each other’s mutual experience. (Source: ANN)

1 – One Piece Film Gold


One Piece Film Gold

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen.
Release time: July 23, 2016.
Duration: ??
Plot: ??


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