Top 10 Upcoming Anime of Summer 2016

Upcoming Anime

Hey guys! here is my video for the Top 10 upcoming anime for the summer of  2016. I just want to note one thing, that no anime is better than the other in this list. Because they are all randomly arranged, we can’t prejudge any anime by its trailer or plot. As you know each type of anime has it’s own fans, so just be excited because Summer will be soon at your doorstep for you to enjoy your favorite anime, or rather, to give one a try!
I hope I mentioned all the good ones for the upcoming anime shows. If I forgot one please don’t hesitate to leave it on a comment below and I will be happy to read your feedback whether you encourage or critique.


10. Amaama to Inazuma
9. Puzzle & Dragons X
8. Love Live! Sunshine!!
7. Shokugeki no Souma Season 2
6. Rewrite
5. Kimi no Na wa
4. Accel World: Infinite Burst
3. Mob Psycho 100
2. D.Gray-man Hallow
1. Berserk


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