What is the will of ‘D’ in One Piece ?

D' in One Piece

Let me share what japanese think of meaning “D” is:

The letter “D” might have some meaning like dream, destiny, drama,dawn, devil, half moon and dragon ball, but if i choose only one its “Dawn”, so i’m going to explain why i think “D”is dawn.

We all know that Oda sensei care of dawn so well, and you can
figure out that at Romance DAWN (Vol,1,episode,1) and Romance DAWN for the New World (Vol,61,episode,61), Oda sensei use the word “DAWN” at important section.

And also draw “Romance DAWN” 2 times, it was just before he starts One Piece but the title was not in english it was in Japanese.

Oda sensei said about One Piece is just drawn with more detail of the Romance DAWN in Japanese one (by WANTED), it means “Romance DAWN” is prototype of One Piece.

I’m not sure if you guys care or not about「ドン」, Oda sensei use 「ドン」at kind of serious scene, it’s the same pronouce with “DAWN” in Japanese and if we write “DAWN” in Japanese it’s 「ドン」.

But if “D” means DAWN, what does it mean in One Piece?

Well, i think DAWN is for AGE as blackbeard & luffy did declaration before the time skips.

Blackbeard did declaration ” It’s my age ” at Marineford (Vol.59, episode.577).

Luffy rang the bell 16 times at Ox bell, capitain kid said “does he wanna say it’s end of white beard age and start his age?”(Vol.60,episode.594). Zoro and other straw hat crews thought “Luffy is not like this person”, so they doubt there is another meaning by luff’s action, then they could fins the meaning of luffy’s action, so they changed the date for meeting not after 3 days, it changed to after 2 years.

But it’s just in One Piece story it could be different action to tell the straw hat crews, the real meaning of rang the bell is for declaretion DAWN for AGE, Blackbeard always compares with luffy by Odda sensei.

Also both of them informed ” I will be a pirate king ” so as blackbeard did declaration, Luffy needed to do declaration for DAWN of AGE.

Why ring the bell 16 times means DAWN of AGE? Let me tell you here is referense by Killer’s comment.

DAWN relates with East, Dawn start from East, Luffy is from East Blue and Roger is also from East Blue;

One Piece story started by Roger and might be finished by Luffy.

So why Loguetown is called is “begin and end”? Let me tell you that Luffy’s home town is foosha village. (Windmill village) the village is in DAWN island. (in Japanese pronounce)

Will of D is “DAWN for AGE”, changing the world. D is the one who can notice and save people from nightmare by DAWN.

So D is DAWN and they are the one who changes the world !

All rights go to the maker of this theory.


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